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Endless Data is the leading authorized distributor of ZKTeco time attendance and access control. Available in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Somalia

Zkteco Access Control in Dubai

Zkteco visible light facial recognition terminal


Looking for access control solutions in Dubai? Endless data the leader ZKTeco distributor in Dubai offering wide range of access control devices.

Dubai's dynamic business landscape demands robust access control and attendance systems, and Zkteco delivers with innovative solutions that leverage the power of fingerprint and facial recognition technologies. Zkteco's fingerprint scanners, renowned for their accuracy and speed, provide a secure and tamper-proof method of identifying authorized personnel. Each employee's unique fingerprint profile is stored within the system, ensuring that only designated individuals can access restricted areas. Facial recognition technology further enhances security, offering a contactless and user-friendly experience. Advanced algorithms instantly recognize individuals based on their facial features, streamlining access control and eliminating the need for physical cards or keys. Zkteco's comprehensive solutions, incorporating both fingerprint and facial recognition, empower Dubai businesses to manage access control and attendance with greater efficiency, security, and ease. This translates to a safer environment, reduced administrative overhead, and improved productivity for a thriving workforce.

In Dubai, we provide a comprehensive range of access control solutions, featuring a selection of cutting-edge control panels from ZKTeco. Our offerings encompass the Inbio460, InBioPro C3-100, C3-200, C3-400, Elevator control systems, KR500, KR502, KR501, KR600, and KR602 models. To ensure you find the perfect security solution for your specific needs, our dedicated ZKTeco Dubai showroom and expert team are here to provide personalized guidance and support.

As leading experts in ZKTeco integration software, we provide comprehensive solutions for time attendance and access control in Dubai. Our expertise spans a wide range of ZKTeco platforms, including ZKCloud, BioTime, BioSecurity, and ZKAccess 3.5. Whether you need a basic time tracking system or a fully integrated security infrastructure, our skilled technicians are equipped to implement, maintain, and support your ZKTeco solutions, ensuring maximum efficiency and security for your business.

Our innovative ZKTeco Cloud Time and Attendance solutions have been used by thousands of customers across the Middle East and Africa region for the past 5 years. We support integration of ZKTeco devices with all leading ERP and HR solutions, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, NetSuite ERP, Sage ERP, Odoo, ePROMIS, ZenHR, and Bitrix. We provide a comprehensive API to integrate with any HR or ERP system.

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Visible light facial recognition terminal

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