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Endless Data is the leading authorized distributor of ZKTeco time attendance and access control. Available in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Somalia


Queue MS EQ103-203

  • Software based queues
  • Kiosk based queues
  • Mobile based queues

Queuing systems are often used for medical, banking, and many governmental service locations. As people arrive, they enter basic information into a kiosk about themselves and the reason for their visit. The information is organized and presented to staff to allow for faster customer service response. Kiosk-based systems also include an information tracking system for the business to report on statistics such as wait times, the volume of traffic and staff performance.

  1. Floor Mount Token Dispenser (Touch Screen) EQ103: A Touch screen token dispenser is an advanced print on demand token issuing unit that caters for single and multi-service queue systems. It supports minimum (but not limited to) the following functions:
    • 15 inch LCD Touch panel.
    • Painted metal body housing (Body Color can match with the site Interior)
    • Branding of Company Name & Logo on the Kiosk can also be provided
    • Built-in High Speed Thermal Printer Mechanism with minimum 250 mm/s speed
    • Support Token Printing Width from 37mm to 80 mm and Token Length can be from 20 mm to 150 mm (as required)
    • Built-in Auto-Cutter.
    • Support both - Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Token Number sequences
    • Built-in PC with minimum configuration of QuadeCore J1900 with Fanless feature
    • Communication Interface: Wi-Fi / Cabled-Ethernet /HDMI for TV
    • Kiosk Dimensions(eQ103) : Height =1350 mm / Width = 400 mm, Thickness-Top =100mm/Bottom = 300mm
    • Operating Temperature: 5 to 40 C
  2. Virtual Calling Terminals: This is a windows based applications that a user would use from any authorized PC on the local network to
    • Call Next in Queue
    • Recall the last called number
    • Finish the currently serving token (without calling the next one)
    • Manual Transfer the current Token any Service
    • Inquire number of customers currently Waiting
  3. Smart Media Players: Windows Application Players Madia with MP4 Format and display in LCD screen, Can also display signal from Audio Video and display TV channels on main LCD screen