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Endless Data is the leading authorized distributor of ZKTeco time attendance and access control. Available in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Somalia

OPTICON OPR2001 Barcode scanner in Dubai Honeywell Zebra Symbol LS2209 95201

Opticon OPR2001

  • 100 scans per second
  • Low contrast scanning
  • Auto trigger modus
  • Ergonomic design

The OPR-2001 is a sleek, high speed laser scanner that looks stylish and modern on every counter or service desk. The ability to place this scanner on the stand on auto-trigger will free up your hands so they can be used elsewhere.

Operating indicators
Visual: 1 LED (red/green/orange) Non-visual: Buzzer

RS232: DB9 PTF connector with external power supply Keyboard Wedge:
MiniDIN6 F/M connector USB: Ver. 1.1, HID/VCP, USB-A connector

Voltage requirement: 5V +- 10% (Keyboard Wedge and USB), 6V (min.
4.5, max. 6.5 V) (RS232) Current consumption: Max. 150mA

Temperature in operation: -5 to 50C / 23 to 122F Temperature in
storage: -20 to 60C / -4 to 140F Humidity in operation: 20 - 85%
(non-condensing) Humidity in storage: 10 - 90% (non-condensing)
Ambient light immunity: Fluorescent 3,000 lx max, Direct sun 50,000 lx
max, Incandescent 3,000 lx max Drop test: 1.5 m / 5 ft drop onto concrete
surface Vibration test: 10 - 100 Hz with 2G for 1 hour Protection rate:
IP 42