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Endless Data is the leading authorized distributor of ZKTeco time attendance and access control. Available in Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Somalia

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Bentsai 6105B2

  • New Generation Hand-held Printer
  • One machine dual-use, Handheld mode printing and On Line mode printing

Carton, wood, plasterboard, fiberboard, plastic, ceramic, metal, aluminum foil and other materials;Color cartridge:white-black-blue-red-yellow-green-stealth

Display screen : 4.3 inch color resolution LCD touch panel

Operating Interface : User friendly UI design, easy to operate

Printing Content : characters, numbers, symbols, QR codes, barcodes, pictures, time, dates, counters, etc

Printing resolution : 300dpi/600dpiA 

Font Hight : 2.5 mm-12.7 mm adjustableA A 

Printing Distance : 2-5 mm distance between print head and object

Printing Speed : 60 m/min max printing speed

Cartridge Capacity : 42 ML cartridge capacity

weight : 450 gA 

Battery Capacity : 2600 mAHA A 

Storage : 50 MB storage capacity can store more than 30000 printing info