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ZKTeco BioTime

Web-Based Time and Attendance Management Software

Zkteco Biotime , time attendance Software
Zkteco BioTime Web,Cloud Zkteco BioTime Software

ZKTeco BioTime Cloud

ZKTeco BioTime is a powerful time attendance software that provides a stable communication of up to thousands of time and attendance devices which can be remotely managed anywhere by accessing the software using a web browser. The latest version is equipped with new competitive functions such as roster and overtime management which simplifis the entire scheduling process of employees, built-in API to connect on client's 3rd-party software, database migration, bio photo, and geofencing mobile punches. BioTime also features a new dashboard where users can easily monitor all attendance summary, device's status, request approvals, rejected, and pending, and real-time punches.

The BioTime clocking software, easy to use which makes getting up and running quick and easy. Once the software has been installed you can create your company and shift options and then start adding your employees. ZKTeco BioTime makes managing your workforce easy. Connect thousands of devices remotely, streamline scheduling with roster and overtime management, and integrate with third-party software. Its user-friendly dashboard provides real-time insights into attendance, device status, and request approvals. BioTime gives you full control over timetables, shift schedules, and attendance reports, all accessible through a web browse

System Architecture: Server/Browser

Device Capacity : 500 in a single server

Database : PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL SERVER

Supported OS : Windows 10 - 64 bit / Server 2008/2012/2016/2019

Suggested Browsers : IE 11+/ Firefox 27+/ Chrome 33+

Monitor Resolution : 1024 x 768 or Above

Hardware Specifications :(500 device) CPU Intel i7 / Magny-Cours RAM 64G

  • Web-based Time Attendance Software, Mobile Application
  • Multiple Kinds of Shift Scheduling, Attendance Calculation and Reports
  • E-mail Alert for Request Approval
  • Auto Export of Attendance Report
  • Mask & Body Temperature Detection
  • Visitor Management (Optional)
  • Auto-synchronization of Biometric Templates by Area
  • Overtime Calculation, Leave Balance, Payroll Management
  • Easy Integration with API
  • Database Backup and Restore

BioTime Features

All time attendance requirements in one solution

Web-Based Time Attendance Software

Simple Access Control Module

Payroll Management and WPS Report

Auto-Sync of Biometric Templates

Multi-Level Approvals and E-mail Alerts

Employee Self-Service

Multiple Admin Privilege


Attendance Calculation and Reports

Mobile Application

ZKBIOTIME Mobile Application

Private Cloud Time and Attendance System

BioTime Mobile Application


ZKBioTime is a real-time attendance mobile application connected to the web-based time attendance software ZKBioTime. It's features included clocking in with geographic location details, raising and approval of employee requests announcements, reports, and online notifications.

  • Easy Operation: Maximum two-step navigation
  • Real-time attendance with geographic location details
  • Real-Time notifications and updates
  • Attendance approvals by the Admin or Approver
  • Online employee requests and status
  • Easily displays the timetable and shift schedule
  • Public and private announcements
  • User-friendly interfaces for Admin and employees